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Jr76Jr, iTunes Store Works well. Everything does what it's suppose to do. ★★★★
Plumber Josh, iTunes Store Soooo cool ★★★★★
Buster.68, iTunes Store Exactly what I was looking for. I'm glad someone finally figured out what runners need! Plays my music, gives time & distance reports without having to fumble for the controls. Perfect!!! ★★★★★
CharlesBoston, iTunes Store Perfect!!! ★★★★★
outforawalk, iTunes Store I love this app! I love this app for my bike riding. ★★★★
Nicknack2, iTunes Store I love this app! I use it for walking and I now know how far I've gone, how long it’s taking and when to turn back all while listening to my music. There’s something very relaxing about not having to look my watch. Seems accurate too. Very cool! Thanks. ★★★★★
Jrblawyer, iTunes Store This app does what it says it does. It is pretty accurate (w/n .03 miles on a 3.1 mile run). The prompts work well with your music lists. ★★★★
Kendogolf, iTunes Store Very good guys. [It's] exactly what I was looking for. ★★★★★
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