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Josh Clark, Tapworthy by O'Reilly p. 185 Some app designs create outspoken personalities by conjuring very specific atmospheres tailored to context and audience. iShots Irish Edition creates a gritty dive-bar ambience for its collection of let’s-get-loaded drink recipes.
Michael, iPhone App Reviews The thing that has me so impressed with iShots is the quality of the coaster artwork and the way the coasters continually stack on top of each other, and it’s also half the fun of using this app because some of the art is pretty clever… If you take your boozing seriously it’s probably worth $.99 just by virtue of looking cool enough to actually pull out at the bar while you’re trying to pick your poison.
BornoZz, iTunes Store Kesinlikle cok guzel, icki icen herkesde olmali. ★★★★★
BruceDanger, iTunes Store Fun app, many drinks I've never heard of. The graphics look strikingly like real coasters on the screen; yet another use for your iPhone. ★★★★★
ANDaBOTTLEofRUM, iTunes Store Fantastic! The coasters are beautiful. Can't wait to give this app some use on St. Patrick's! ★★★★★
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